Thursday, February 03, 2005

on being a girl

I've always been 'one of the boys', a tomboy, you name the way to describe it and that's me. Even as a wee one, I was Daddy's little girl, I'm the youngest of four children (2 boys, 2 girls), BUT that meant I, too, hung around the house in a white undershirt, just like Dad. In the summer, I ran around outside in shorts, no top.

As I've gotten older, not much has changed, except I do wear shirts! I'm still one of the boys, many of my friends are guys, and I prefer spending time hanging with the boys. But it's only until the last few years or so where I've actually started being more of a girl. recently, I've discovered the fun in having the pack of girls, who are true friends, with you can be a benefit sometimes.

I'd never wear pink before, now I can't get enough pink. That I attribute to Jeremy's insistence of me buying the infamous pink coat when we took a trip to the Atlantic City Salvation Army years ago. Never had I received compliments or made heads turn until wearing this coat (or hanging out at Irish bars filled with boys born & raised in Ireland).

I now find myself becoming more and more interested in fixing my hair a certain way, even using a curling iron! And I'm adding a little more makeup to my regime. While I still favor the notion of 'hey, this is what I look like when I wake up in the morning, so deal with it!' It's fun to play around with it all.

Despite all this infusion of girlie-ness or shall I say womanhood, the transition from being 'one of the boys' to becoming an actual entity that those boys I hang with recognize as being a girl-woman-female, etc isn't so easy. This was all triggered when I shared some of my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies with one of the access producers at the television station where I work, and after taking a bite, he commented: 'And you're not married yet?!' He said this, already knowing my coolness factor to begin with, case in point: the fact that I live for music, into sports (and comprehend it), and just a cool gal.....matched with new knowledge of my excellent baking skills, he just figured someone woulda jumped at this by now.

I simply told him I was somewhat baffled by it too, but I'm armed with the knowledge that boys (y'all are boys 'til the day ya die!!!) are idiots! And I mean this is the most endearing, 'here, let me take care of you' sorta way.

maybe the boys are just afraid I'm gonna kick their asses on the playground, even if I'm wearing a dress! and maybe I can let them win sometimes.

just maybe.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

What ever do I wear?

I'm meeting my boyfriends parents this weekend for the first time. We've been dating since the end of August, and he met my wacky family over the holidays. I'm more in need of my family's approval or interest in my life than he is with his, which is why I'm meeting his three months later. Not that I'm keeping track. My sister and I are pretty close (she calls, vents to me about stuff, I listen happy I don't have five kids that sap my energy and money), and as much as she needs to accomplish things, I think she secretly likes the fact I stand by my convictions of not complicating my life and living for me. Plus, I watch my nieces and nephews often, including once a year for a whole week or so when my sister and brother-in-law go on a cruise to keep their sanity. Back to the parent meet 'n' greet. I was looking in the mirror the other night, playing around with my hair Cyndi Lauper 80's style and told Bob I was going to wear it like that when I met his parents. He actually had to ask me if I was serious, adding with a laugh, "With you I never know what you'll do". A disgustingly, 'awwww' moment for me, but wow...... He apparently likes these things about me.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Spank me.

This sucks. Sure, I'm thankful to be alive, healthy, blah, blah, but, today I turned 32 and I feel I am not living up to my potenial, or sharing enough of my intellect with the world. I'm not sure what the solution is, but it is something I am giving thought to again, after about a ten-year respite. Of course, in my mind, I should have it figured out by the end of the day, ignoring the fact it's taken me 32 years to still not know...
I share my birthday with cool music notables such as Slim Harpo, Naomi Judd, and Vicki Peterson, so....well, nothing really, I just thought that was cool. I'm not bummed out about my seemingly unused potential, more angry and pissed. Fortunately, those elements kick my ass into gear rather than defeat my psyche... I always thought how lucky people are who know exactly what they want to do in life, but, despite not having found my 'calling', I am glad that I have many varied interests and strengths. Word.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

support local sports!

I was able to see the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies this past sunday afternoon, right on the boardwalk in AC. I try to go and catch a game when I'm back home. It's even more important now to support the Bullies and minor league hockey because it's all we got right now.

is their website! go catch a game, for even more action, go when they're playing the Trenton Titans for some state rivalry!

for East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) teams near YOU

then there's the American Hockey League (AHL)

or the North American Hockey League (NAHL)

and there's more, I'm sure particularly for the Canadians....

good luck!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

From one AC to another AC

so I figure I should mention the root of big day AC ....

Ms. Amy Lee and I created Big Day in the pine barrens of southern new jersey. Originally, it was going to be a project located in the greater Atlantic City area. then I had to go and pack up my life before I turned 30 and move to Arlington, VA. Arlington isn't really a city, it's a 25 square mile county, and I found it slightly and strangely comforting upon moving here to have remnants of home: ACFD, ACPD, etc.

from one AC to another AC.

There's also an interesting connection to tons of NJ towns and places. It was the Cherry Hill Apartments where I first resided here in Arlington. After almost 4 years of living here, I've met more people from NJ and PA then anywhere else.

Well, here we are and in an effort to keep the spirit of BIG DAY alive, we're going high tech! stay tuned for continued connections between Atlantic City and Arlington County....


watch out here she comes!

I have been called a 'maneater' before. seriously, anyone who knows me truly would laugh hysterically at that. Although it was associated with Irish boys at McGuire's, and considering I'm adopting my new motto of 'IRISH boys are easy' .... you get it, right?!

I'll confess that I forgot my login otherwise, I woulda posted here sooner!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Say it isn't.....


I saw Hall & Oates at the Borgata in Atlantic City Saturday night. Memories from his childhood and the bowling alley (skating rink for me), my boyfriend likes them and thought it would be a great show to see at a casino (I don't want to play the cool music game, but his taste in music is equal to mine). I went, curious, but probably not enthusiastically, BUT....they were damn good! Yes, I said it.

Observations: Oates is incredibly short. Or Hall is just that tall. Duh, but, wow..... They love to perform. These are musicians who clearly love to play and entertain. You would think after so many years of playing their hits, they would be going through the motions, but they instead, choose to reinvent their songs live. A decent crowd, and loyal fans who truly love them. They closed on their second encore with a Barry White hit, giving it their own stamp. I was impressed, and I have to say, even a little won over. Clearly fans of Philadelphia soul, I'm surprised they don't get more credit from jaded, record collecting fans like myself. So mis-understood...... I'm much more a fan of Stax and 60's soul, but appreciate anything well done, and done passionately. I love being surprised by music and wish I didn't wear blinders sometimes. I even ventured to their website, wanting answers to my burning questions. How'd they get together? How do they compose songs? Do they live next door to each other so when one can't sleep, they get-together and write songs in their pajamas? What are their die-hard fans called? HallOaties? They could have had a successful cereal in the 80's with that name.....


Friday, December 03, 2004

The beginning of an era

So, I'm using my computer and am getting mildly frustrated at how slow it seems. I've logged off and restarted it twice. Really, what more can a technologically-challenged girl be expected to do? I really shouldn't complain, for, technically, it's not my computer inasmuch as my computer at my place of employment. I only use mine at home out of necessity to check email, and even that takes about seven minutes to access. Ot, the time of one e.p, two or three hooky pop songs, a browse through the newly arrived used section at a small local record store..... I have to reconsider my dedication to rock and roll.